Timeline Summary

Once one believes that the age of man (from Adam to the Millenial Reign of Jesus) is approx. 6000 years in length, and believes that this consists of three massive events (Birth Of Adam, Birth of Israel, and the Birth of Jesus) - ending with the Birth of the new Heaven and Earth (the new Millenium), and learns that these events occur approximately every 2000 years, then one may draw the conclusion that the timeline events flow as:

Year 1, Adam is Created, Year 2000: Israel is born (Covenant with Abraham), Year 4000: Jesus Christ is Born, Year 6000: The current age ends, ushering in a new Millenium.

In order to reconcile this amazing statement biblically, we try to show the current timeline using the Bible as the source for the timespan from Adam to Abraham and his covenant (Abraham was 99 years old when God made the covenant with him), and from that point, approx. 2000 years passed between the Covenant and Jesus's birth.

From 30AD (Jesus Death), with modern record keeping, it is easier to show that 1987 years passed from the time of Jesus's death/resurrection to the year 2017.

Therefore, based on adding up Old Testament timespans (below), the bible shows that 4000 years have passed between the birth of Adam and the birth of Jesus (with 2000 years passing between the birth of Adam and the covenant with Abraham (IE the birth of Israel), and approx. 1987 years passed between Jesus death and the current year (2017). (Could we be currently living in Daniels 69'th week, with September 2017 ushering in Daniels final week (70th week)?).

Note: Regarding the four entries for The star of bethlehem, the alignment of Jupiter and Venus produce a bright combined star light and it is written the star appeared over Bethlehem to lead the three wisemen to Jesus birthplace. Using astronomical software, it is shown that the alignment appeared in 7BC (approx the time of Christs birth), and actually did occur again in June 2015AD. Therefore the alignment would have also occurred in 2023BC (approx 1977 on the below timeline), and also again approx 20 years before the creation of Adam. In summary, the Bethlehem star appears to be a guide ushering in the birth of each major event: It appeared before the Creation of Man, it appeared before the Birth of Israel, it appeared before the Birth of Jesus, and then it appeared Before the Birth of the new Heaven (this will be when Jesus reigns in the new Millenium: the new Israel that according to the bible, will descend from heaven at the end of our age!).

The bible explains that the world will endure a 7 year tribulation, before the new millenium. (This points to a possibility that the tribulation may start soon in the future - possibly within 4 years.)

Part 1: The old testament timeline, years elapsed between Adam and Abrahams covenant, and Jesus Birth:

The timeline of the Tanakh can be estimated using the ages given in Genesis and Jubilees. Starting with the creation of Adam and adding the information when his son was born, the age of his son, etc. this gives a timeline from Adam's creation to the death of Jacob 2255 years later (according to the Masoretic text, the Septuagint timeline is significantly longer). These timelines are used by some biblical scholars to estimate the age of the earth by counting back the number of years associated with each of the biblical patriarchs and adding the years together.