Are we saved by Grace+Faith, Works, or Grace+Works?

Across various Christian religions, some profess salvation requires God's Grace plus works while Others believe God's Grace alone will deliver you to heaven.

By reading the bible, we find that Jesus is certainly capable of saving us alone through his Grace.

Let's start by ruling out what we can't do: We can't do good works to get to heaven. We are all born sinners and will never be able to make it on our own into heaven. In the era of the Law, the Jews had to follow the commandments plus orthodox traditions to please God, but in the church age we must trust that Jesus did all of the work for us.

It is Grace+Faith alone that will allow us to enter heaven, since Jesus did all of the work.

However, the bible points out that we should bear good fruit, and do good works to set an example for other Christians once we are saved.

We should strive to be more perfect Christians.