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My friends we live in perilous times, the State of the World is currently under heightened military tension and now it's imperative that everyone Get Right with God and worship the one true Saviour: Jesus Christ.

According to our Biblical Chronology page, we are now approaching the end of the Church Age (close to the new Millenium/Messianic Kingdom).

What this means is the human race may be close to transitioning over to something entirely new, something majestic! It's God's will to put us here for 6000 years (from the day Adam and Eve were born), to today, to give us an infrastructure to learn and work, and to bear good fruit.

That age is almost over, and in the new age, we will live under Jesus's reign as our King on Earth, and lay down with lions and leopards and our children will pet the lions and they will not fear being bitten.

So it is of the utmost importance to be on the right team! If you are caught unaware, and for example, serving a false God, all you will experience here on Earth is pain and suffering. You will be left behind to go through a seven year tribulation, something like World War III, and then, you will be tempted to take the Mark of the Beast, and go through great famine and testing.

Ultimately if you dont choose Jesus, when you die you will go to a place of gnashing of teeth. So, before you leave, I want you to find out if you are a sheep, a lost sheep, or a goat. And then take a stroll over to the corresponding area. I urge you to consider Christ if you are a goat.